How to Use a Pashmina

Pashmina wraps are so versatile, that there can be over 50 styles to use them. There are solids, ombre, patterned and printed, and pair warm and bold prints with minimal outfits, and similarly nude solids with overdone outfits which needs to be balanced properly. How to use Pashmina is up to the needs of the user. You can use it as a shawl, as a wrap, wear it like a scarf, or even make a DIY shrug out of its downy base. Here are a number of ways in which you can use a Pashmina

Wear pashmina like a shawl
This type of Pashmina is generally draped over the shoulders to cover the upper portion of your body with its pleasant warmth. Or else you can let the shawl dangle on one shoulder by placing the center of it on the shoulder and suspending the rest down. Pashmina is worn as a shawl usually at weddings or special functions. Here you flaunt your classy sense of accessorizing and prove that you haven’t let go of your cultural influence.

Wear pashmina as a stole
The Pashmina can be worn as a stole. Place the center of the stole over the neck and let the two sides loose from the front. You can take one of the ends and flick it over the other. There are a number of ways of how to wear the stole, which gives more variety to it. Hang from a shoulder, drape around the neck, tie over the waist in a large bow with a dress ors style however the diva inside you demands. 

Wear pashmina as a scarf
Pashmina can be worn as a scarf in so many ways. Tie it in a french knot and you are done for a formal day at the office. Wrap it like a loop around the ends with ends suspended down or fitted inside your sweater. Scarves are essential in winter in ways that they act as the ultimate warmth producers, and if they’re Pashmina, then you will forget about every other wrap you ever possessed.

Wear pashmina as a dress accessory
Pashmina can be easily paired with a dress – long or short – by choosing the right color. Usually, women pair Pashmina wraps with plain dresses. You can tie your Pashmina by making a large bow at the neck for a classic look. Or else you can just wrap it around the shoulders and let it brighten up a basic dress. A warm shaded Pashmina can be worn to pep up a basic nude outfit, and a minimal solid scarf might calm an overdone look. Sometimes a Pashmina is tied over a bag for a modish demeanor. Simply make a beautiful knot when tied to the straps. 

Wear pashmina as a Bandana
For a chic look in the cold season, tie your Pashmina as a head accessory. Make a knot at the back of your head and let ends loose from the back. Pashmina, when used as bandana keeps a person warm as well as protects the hair and adds a chic touch to winter and fall outfits

Wear pashmina as a shrug
You can even transform a Pashmina shawl into a shrug easily. Spread the shawl across the back and bring the two ends from under your arms to the front. Extend these ends to the back of the neck and make a knot. This style of wearing Pashmina rids of a sweater, which is too much of a burden in the fall. Pair warm and bold prints with minimal outfits, and similarly nude solids with overdone outfits which needs to be balanced properly.

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